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#stop asian hate

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Hello, this is Shinako Takahashi, the person in charge of the blog.

Do you know that the prejudice that the new coronavirus was brought in from China is spreading in the United States, and the number of incidents that are considered to be hate crumbs targeting Asians is increasing rapidly?

Just recently, gunshots were fired at three massage parlors in the United States, and six of the eight people were killed.

I was Asian American.

Protests were held all over the world following the incident.

In order for people who have suffered discrimination on SNS and celebrities to stop hate crimes

Using the hashtag "#StopAsianHate"

Raise your voice and call for unity to raise awareness of overlooked hate

While such behavior is seen overseas

I feel that there are few people in Japan who protest against discrimination against Asians.

In fact, there may be many people who pretend not to see that it has nothing to do with them. I used to be like that too.

Racial discrimination and violence

Even though innocent people have been murdered

It may be unavoidable to think that if you see it and do not take any action, you are condoning discrimination.

I'm also half Asian, and it's a problem that we can never remain indifferent to.

All you have to do is send a message to SNS, "#stop asian hate"!

It's not someone else's problem.

How would you feel if a friend or family member became the target of a hate crime when we traveled abroad? ?

We are

We will never tolerate hate crimes.

We firmly oppose discrimination,

As part of our support for the future

"AAPI Community Fund"

"Stoup AAPI Hate"

"Equal Jusice lnitiative"


Donated to 4 organizations

Take action for a life of equality and no hate crimes

We, FLEX, wish for world peace.

stopasianhate アジアンヘイト

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