Guide – FLEX eyewear&acc


About payment method

This site supports the following payment methods.

Credit card

VISA, Mastercard, AmericanExpress brand card payment is possible.

Google Pay

If you are using Google Chrome, you can pay with your Google Pay account.

On the payment screen, select Google Pay from Express Checkout.

Apple Pay

on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, you can use Apple Pay to make payments on the web in Safari.

On the payment screen, select Apple Pay from Express Checkout.


You can pay using a credit card, debit card or bank account (direct debit) registered with your PayPal account.

Mobile carrier payment (Softbank-au-Docomo)

You can pay with your mobile phone at 3 major mobile carriers.

After the order is confirmed, you will be redirected to the carrier payment screen.

Bank transfer

After completing your order, please transfer the total amount of your order to your designated bank account.

Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

Convenience store payment

You can pay at the convenience store using the payment number issued at the time of the order.Payment can be made anonymously, and payment can be made at convenience stores throughout Japan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Payment at the following convenience stores is supported.
Family Mart, Lawson, Seven-Eleven, Ministop, daily Yamazaki


About delivery and postage

Shipping company: EMS

Delivery days:2-5 working days from your order

Shipping cost: $20


About cancellation

Please note that we cannot accept cancellation after shipment of your order.

For cancellation before shipment, please contact us from the inquiry form.


About return and Exchange conditions

・Cancellation / replacement / return / repair
We cannot accept any cancellation / exchange due to customer convenience after the order is completed.(There is clearly stated below
- Except when there was a mistake delivery or initial failure)

We do not accept any returns.
After the order is completed and shipped, please be sure to receive the package by the person responsible for the order.
In the case of a return due to a long・term absence or refusal to receive the product after shipping, you will be required to pay the actual postage and various fees of the round-trip.
In addition, in the case of cancellation such as long・term absence, refusal to receive, non・payment of bank transfer, etc. continues, we will decline the order and stop the use of our shop.

- About repair
We do not accept repairs other than when there is a wrong delivery and initial failure.

- If there is a mistake delivery or initial failure
In our store, after the inspection by our store standard before shipment, we send it out, but by any chance, if there is an initial defect in the wrong delivery or new goods unused, we will do the exchange correspondence.
Within 5 days from the product arrival date following, [exchange / return special agreement]and ※ notes※after confirming,please contact us from the inquiry.
As we can not accept the correspondence of the product that has passed 5 days from the arrival date,please check the product status promptly after the product arrival.
We will exchange it with a good product after we can confirm it by the photograph etc.

[Exchange / return special agreement]
If the following conditions are true, we cannot accept it.
- Product packaging, goods with no SHOP card left
- Items that cannot confirm your order information
- Items that have been 5 days since the arrival date
・Products that were used even once, were stained by trying on, etc.・defaced or damaged・products that have a smell such as tobacco or perfume
- Items that have been hand-washed, cleaned, or repaired
- Rough sewing within our standard range and movement of eyewear, etc. (there are products of overseas factories depending on the product,products of overseas factories are somewhat rough sewing compared with products of Japan factory,standards may be seen sweet.)
- about eyewear, different from the product I thought, peeling of the seal, slight distortion of the left and right, there is a difference in the opening hardness of the right and left, etc. we are excluded from the reason for return.
As for the slight distortion of the left and right, the opening hardness of the right and left can be adjusted by the customer himself, so we ask for the adjustment by the customer.

※ Notes※
- We can not accept any returns about returns even if there was a mistake delivery and initial defect.
- If the replaceable stock is out of stock, we will respond by repair or return.
- We can not receive the luggage that we do not take the confirmation in our store.