Representation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act – FLEX eyewear&acc

Representation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Business name FLEX (stock)
operating officer Kanji Inagaki
Address KiWA 1-32-10-412, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture
TEL 04-8280-6525
email address
selling price The amount that is displayed on the product page (tax)
Non-Product Instraural Costs

Shipping Charges

Nekopos: National Ritsu Shipping Charges \500

In the case of courier service, Hokkaido Shipping ¥ 1,000

Okinawa Prefecture Shipping ¥ 1,200

Other Local Shipping ¥ 800

Fall for mail service nationwide \200

Bank Transfer Fee: Different from financial institution

Payment Method Various credit cards/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Paypal/mobile carrier settlement/bank transfer payment/convenience store payment
Payment timing of the charge Credit card: On the request of your credit card company
Google Pay/Apple Pay/PayPal: When requesting credit for each credit card,
Mobile Carrier Settlement-Combined on payment of carrier mobile phone charges for the contract
Bank Transfer/Convenience Payments: After completion of order
Time of delivery of goods, etc.

Unless your order is crowded, we will send you within one to three days after the request for shipping.

From your order, from two to five business days.
* Public holidays excluding special shopping holidays are excluded.

* Order-made goods must be sent within two months from the order of the order.

Return availability and conditions
Return-specific matters


You will not be able to cancel/replace any customer after the purchase order is completed.(The following is specified below.
(Excludes the case of misdelivery or early bad)

You can't accept any return for a return.
Please be sure to receive your baggage at order completion or after shipping.
If a return is made by means of a long term absentee and rejection after shipping the product, then the real shipping and miscellaneous fees will be paid for the round trip.
In addition, if cancellations such as the lack of long-term absence, rejection, and bank transfer are to be continued, the withdrawal of the order and the use of the store will be suspended.

About Repair
There are no repairs except in the case of misshipping and/or initial defects as specified below.

If there was a malfunction or a bad initial problem.
We have been sending all the goods to the store after we have shipped all the goods before shipping, but if there is an initial defect in the case of misdelivery or use of new products, we will be able to exchange it with the customer.
Please check the "Exchange and Return Special Terms" and the "Notes Note *" and "Please contact us" within five days from the arrival date of the product arrival date.
Products can be received for five days from the day of arrival, so please check the product condition as soon as possible after the arrival of the product.
We can confirm in the photos and so on, and then let us exchange them with good supplies.

[Exchanges and Return Special Agreed]
Can not be accepted if the following conditions are true:
-Product packaging, products that do not have SHOP cards remaining
(s) The order information cannot be confirmed.
-Commodities 5 days older than the arrival date
-A product that has been stained with a product, a burglar, etc., or a product with a fragrant odor, such as a product or a cigarette, or a perfume that has been used at a time
-Goods with hands such as laundry, cleaning, and repairs
In some products, products from overseas factories are used for products such as sewing made of sewing within the range of shops, and movable types of iwarehouses, and products from overseas plants are slightly rough sewing than the products of the plant in Japan.)
With regard to eyewear, there is a difference between what I thought of as a product, some distortion of the seal, a slight distortion of the left and right, and the hardness of the left and right hardening, etc., and so on, and so on.
As for the slight distortions of the left and right sides, and the hard to open the left and right hardness of the left and right hardness, the customer is able to coordinate their own adjustments, so they are requested to make adjustments to the customer.

*Cautions *
You may not receive any returns even if you have a misdelivery or an initial problem.
If the available inventory is not available, the repair or return will be made available for repairs.
We haven't been able to receive your baggage at the store.