sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』 – FLEX eyewear&acc
sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』
sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』
sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』
sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』
sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』

FLEX eyewear&acc

sticker correction 『FLEX×Diversity』


FLEX original sticker

3 FLEX original stickers
It will be a set of one type of FLEX logo sticker.

This sticker spotlights diversity

Has become a sticker collection

Sticker size (in order of product photo)

①Illustration sticker w:60 × h:80

②Illustration sticker w:60 × h:80

③Illustration sticker w:60 × h:80

④Logo sticker w:110 × h:55

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