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Today we would like to introduce

New product sold out immediately on the first day of sale ❤️

It is an introduction of square and round hybrid type frame clear lenses✨

SQW005 F:mat black L:clear

SQW006 F:demi L:clear

SQW007 F:clear gray L:clear

Large frame, excellent fit, easy to match any face shape

The shape also has a luxurious feel, and the hybrid frame of square and round is trending overseas 👓

Casual , street and luxury regardless of day or night as it is a clear lens.

Versatile item that can be matched with any outfit or scene 💎

This is also a unisex type, so you can wear it as a pair 💖

The influencer @mgm_days also wore it, so please refer to it 🌼

It suits you so well, it's too cute 🥺🧡

I actually tried it, but

Since the frame is made large, it will also make your face look smaller .

A mask is essential, but I also want to wear glasses

I thought that it would be a great product if I had even one when I said so ☺️

And finally! This item sold out on the first day of sale! 😌

10th (Thursday) 19:00 ~ We will resell! ! ! 🧡💜

Thankfully, we have received a lot of inquiries about resale, so there is a possibility that it will be sold out

Please be careful not to miss this opportunity! ! 💦

Thank you for reading to the end 🌼

Look forward to next time ⭐︎


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    spiztndhyh on

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