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🤎🍫Valentine limited wrapping appearance🍫🤎

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Good evening!

I'm Shinako Takahashi, in charge of FLEX blog😌

Today we would like to introduce

It will be held for a limited time from January 25th to February 8th.

It is introduction of Valentine lapping💘

*Orders after 19:00 on 1/25 will be Valentine's Day

In Valentine's day wrapping,

It will be wrapped with a gift drawstring as shown in the photo above.

It will be a special atmosphere that is a little different than usual ✨✨

In addition, a gift drawstring is attached PREMIUM GIFT WRAPPING ¥ 1000 and

It is recommended because the price does not change ✔️

By all means, this Valentine's Day is a gift for someone important

How about using FLEX's premium gift wrapping? ☺️

Finally, since it is a limited time from January 25th to February 8th,

Please be careful not to miss it💦

Thank you for reading to the end today too ✨✨

Please look forward to the next time☆

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present sunglasses wrapping サングラス バレンタイン プチプラ プレゼント ラッピング 期間限定 贈り物

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