✨ New Wide Frame Sunglasses ✨ [4COLOR] SQUARE WIDE SUNGLASSES – FLEX eyewear&acc

✨ New Wide Frame Sunglasses ✨ [4COLOR] SQUARE WIDE SUNGLASSES

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Today we would like to introduce

A new product that was resold on December 17 and sold out immediately 💖

Trendy wide frame wide temple sunglasses🧚🏼‍♀️

Wide frame makes your face smaller

Fits well on any face shape

The size is large enough for men, so it goes well with couple outfits! ❤️💙

Also, the influencer @aki_ingk wore it, so please refer to it 🌼

For sweat and casual outfits

New wide sunglasses that go well with each other🕶

Thank you for the wonderful photo✨

The next restock will be in January next year (date undecided)

The detailed date will be decided as soon as it is decided

We will announce it, so don't miss it 🔥🔥

Thank you for reading to the end✨

Looking forward to next time ⭐︎

↓↓ Click this link to the product page ↓↓


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